1. Can several people use the application simultaneously?

Yes, several users can log on to the application simultaneously; there is no connection limit.

2. Is our data safe?

The data is hosted in Quebec, at OVH in Beauharnois. The building is protected against intrusions. A generator system and network redundancy allow for increased accessibility. Furthermore, the site is only accessible in HTTPS, with 128-bit encryption. Daily back-ups are also made.

3. What happens if we lose our Internet connection? Will the hours entered be sent or lost?

For the time recorder, if Internet is unavailable, the time entries will be saved on the device and resent automatically once Internet is available again.

For the mobile application, the data will also be saved locally to be transferred once the network is available.

4. What needs to be present for the installation of a time recorder?

Time recorders require a 110-V outlet and a standard Internet or Wi-Fi connection. The 3G option can also be added, which allows for transmission via a cellphone network.

5. Can a supervisor approve the work hours of his team from his mobile application?

Yes, the supervisor can add missing punches, add comments, change the status of the hours entered and make approvals via the mobile application and the main application, if given access. Access rights help to independently limit access to the mobile application and main application.

6. Can an employee have more than one supervisor?

Yes, there is no limit for the number of supervisors. Employee supervision can also be managed by location or department.

7. Can overtime be calculated per day, week or period while including specific time slots?

Yes, the interval used to calculate the hours can be selected. Overtime can also be restarted at the end of the period or per day.


8. When my employees punch in on the time recorder, I cannot see the data on screen. Is it lost?

The system is based on an employee number. If the number entered into the time recorder is unknown to the main application, the hours will be added to a waiting list. You will then be able to recover the hours by entering the employee number in the main application. See also the answer to question 3.

9. Can an employee be registered on several time recorders?

Yes, one or more employees can be registered on a time recorder, and then transfer their profile to other time recorders to be able to enter their hours in different locations.

10. Can we use many different time recorders for one location?

Yes, an employee can be registered on different types of time recorders. An employee can thus start entering his hours on a biometric time recorder, use a Symcod to enter his hours per project and end his day by using the mobile application.

11. Is this an online offer or do I have to download software?

This is only an online offer. If you use our application, a biometric time recorder or the mobile application, no installation is required; however, the Symcod and API C# require installation on one of your stations or servers.

12. Are there extra charges for upgrades?

No, upgrades are included in the service offer and the support as well.

13. Do we have a contract to sign?

Yes, but this contract is not restrictive and only requires a 30-day notice to cancel the service.

14. Are there extra charges for the other applications such as the mobile application?

The mobile application is part of our service offer.