Data reliability

Our time and attendance software offers a wide array of functionalities that will save you lots of precious time when it comes to managing hours worked and processing payroll.


A secured database available anytime

Log on to the application securely with HTTPS data encryption.

A security profile and accesses that can be configured to suit your needs

Customize access to the various software screens according to the status of each employee in your business. Our flexible and fully customizable tool will meet your needs in terms of schedule display, worksheet editing, time correction and approval and much more!

Automate corrections and run simulations

Save precious time by managing exceptions and creating automations and simulations to process payroll more quickly.

Plan flexible schedules

Create flexible schedules easily and make them accessible to those concerned on the secured web portal or by using the schedule transmission function via email. Your employees can view their work schedule and be quickly advised in the event of a change.

Process time banks (holidays and bonuses)

Highlight the overtime hours, holidays and bonuses of your team members and approve them or not according to the rules implemented by your business. You can create as many banks as you need and can add or remove hours using your customized portal.

Manage your employees’ attendance records

Keep an updated record of each employee’s attendance record, directly in their personnel file. You can also approve (or not) an absence or late arrival, with just a few clicks.

Eliminate the risk of error with Resolva!

Data export to your payroll system makes your life easier and prevents transcription errors. Export to an Excel file is also possible and allows you to rework your data as you see fit!

With Resolva, import your employees’ HR data and other information such as their department or activities carried out in the company.

Furthermore, the various projects created in your ERP software can be transferred to Resolva. This profits you in that you no longer need to enter the information manually twice. Your employees can then enter their hours directly into the software by specific project.

Discover software compatible with Resolva.