and messages

Resolva can be a true asset for your business.

In addition to all the functionalities that will save you lots of time each day, what would you say to being able to send specific notifications and personalized messages to your team members?

As a manager, you can write any message (instruction, change, etc.) and decide to send it to one of more employees at once.

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A tool configured to highlight exceptions

You can set your priorities in terms of notifications and messages to send to your employees, according to your needs.

  • Absences
  • Late arrivals
  • Overtime
  • And much more

All alerts can be sent as an email or a notification. Your team member will immediately be notified of a new message.

Given that they will already be logged onto the mobile application, they can quickly view the new schedule, log in their hours and make reimbursement/mileage claims.

Retroactivity that is well appreciated

Is there anything worse than sending an email and wondering if the person we sent it to saw it? Especially if it concerns a last-minute change or important information that must be quickly relayed.

This is why the application’s messaging system offers a major asset: retroactivity.

For each message sent on the application, you will receive confirmation indicating that your message has been seen by the person you sent it to.

You will then be able to resume your tasks with a clear mind, knowing that your message has been received and seen.