Mobile application

Resolva is also a mobile application! Available on iPhone and Android, you can access it quickly on your cellphone!

Resolva is the only supplier to offer a time and attendance management application that can be fully tailored to a person’s role in the company. Your employees will thus be able to have direct access to certain functionalities only according to the nature of their work; however, you will have full access, both to the integrated functionalities according to the needs of your company and the files of each team member.

The perfect tool for any professional on the go

Resolva’s mobile application is perfect for :

  • A roving team of salespeople
  • Professionals having to travel to offer their services
  • Construction site inspectors or supervisors
  • Any worker who does not have access to a computer and who wants to quickly enter his hours
  • A supervisor can punch in all of his employees with a single transaction (start & finish)

As a manager, it can be hard to implement a time and attendance management system that will cover your manpower dispatched on the road or to an outside location.

With Resolva’s geolocalization option, you can make sure that your travelling employees are at the right place, at the right time. Your employee is not at the right place? The application will generate an exception that will be sent to you in real time.

All of this through cellphones!

Whether your employees travel frequently or infrequently, they can use Resolva’s mobile application to log in their work hours and follow up on their banked hours and scheduled work hours.

A convenient, user-friendly and mobile tool, just like you!