and integration

Each business has its own reality and different needs, and we are well aware of that.

This is why we created Resolva, an online time and attendance management tool that can be fully tailored to your specific business needs.


Quick access to the information you need

Our time and attendance management solutions are more than just about entering hours worked. They also offer your employees much appreciated autonomy and quickly make accessible information that you need to make important decisions.

Resolva also allows you to simplify your payroll processing as it is compatible with most popular financial and accounting software.

You can also generate reports by selecting important data for your business. This is a great way to sort through the available information and your key performance indicators.

We are committed to simplifying your daily life and that of your team by creating a convenient and user-friendly tool.

A convenient tailor-made solution

Want to make your life easier and bring your team’s time and attendance management to another level?

By calling on Resolva’s renowned professionals, you will get all the information you need to make the right decisions.

Resolva will conduct a full analysis of your needs with you to create a tailored solution that will meet your business challenges.

Whether you are in the manufacturing or retail sector, working in an office or have mobile employees, we can integrate the functionalities you need to save you time and money.