If there is one industry that must juggle with various time and attendance management challenges, it’s the retail sector! Identity theft, time theft, time recorded by a colleague, tardiness, endless coffee breaks… these are some of the problems to which you are often faced.

So, how can we solve these problems when you probably have numerous staff and workplaces? 

Our team takes the time to review all of your daily challenges with you. Our goal is to propose a tailored solution that will help you better manage the time and attendance of your employees.

Your business operates in the retail sector? Discover how we were able to address the specific constraints of two of our clients living situations similar to yours.

Canadian Tire

This is a retail business.

The challenge

Restore the management of work hours for 250 employees and more by replacing the existing biometric system, not suited to the needs and generating several errors. Given the numerous mistakes and lost data, a long and tedious weekly verification is necessary.

Resolva’s solution

This client’s Internet speed is very slow. Given that the payroll system has priority over all other applications, the bandwidth is limited.

We therefore suggested using the Uface 202 facial biometric time recorder, which allows employees to register and the device to keep the data and send it as soon as the line is available. A transaction receipt is received when the data is sent correctly, and so no information is lost.

The work hours planned are created in Excel and imported directly in the application. They are thus available for employees to view online.

The time entered is then sent to Employer D with no manual transcription necessary.



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