Recreational and food and beverage sectors

Many of our clients operate in the recreational and food and beverage sectors. Time and attendance management can quickly become mind-boggling if the right tools are not implemented quickly.

Resolva is committed to simplifying your life by offering tailored solutions that are fully customizable to suit your needs. After meeting with you to determine your issues, we can propose a solution to solve all of your time management problems.

Discover how we have helped some of our clients in the recreational and food and beverage sectors become more efficient, both in terms of employees scheduling and payroll processing.

Sacacomie Hotel

The business operates in the hospitality field and has approximately one hundred employees.

The challenge

Eliminate manual timesheets and the management of special bonuses.

Resolva’s solution

The client chose a facial recognition biometric time recorder for most of its employees. As for the office employees, they record their hours at their work station.

Given their specific need, we configured the application so that the supervisors could directly insert special monthly bonuses, while the personnel who processes payroll takes care of automated bonuses.

Pacini Restaurant

The business operates in the food and beverage sector.

The challenge

Pool the work hours of approximately 600 employees from the various corporate restaurants at head office for payroll processing,. They must also calculate holidays based on the 1/20, both for hours and tips.

Resolva’s solution

By developing a specific program, we adapted our software so that the hours and tips registered in Maître D could be transferred directly in Resolva. Then, with just a few clicks, the hours are transferred in the head office’s payroll system.



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