Managing hours and attendance in an office can seem simple at first. Yet, each business has its own daily constraints and challenges, whether they are in terms of the tools to use to facilitate the life of employees or the management of data to process payroll for team members.

We will work with you to evaluate your specific needs in order to offer a solution that will suit your reality and make it easy for your employees to enter their hours worked. You will then save lots of time and money, while being more efficient!

Take a few minutes to see how Resolva was able to propose tailored solutions for the challenges faced by two businesses whose teams work in an office.

Bravad Technologie

Bravad Technologie provides technological solutions for businesses and individuals.

The challenge

Eliminate the use of manual worksheets for approximately one hundred employees working in 10 locations. They want to have access to time input per location with one specific constraint: all employees do not only work in one branch. The input must be limited to entering the employee code, regardless of where this employee works.

The supervisor must be able to approve the time of the employees working in his branch office. The list of employees supervised must thus be created according to each location.

Resolva’s solution

We suggested installing a PC Punch in each branch. This device would then be linked to a branch number. Employees simply need to register using their employee code and the system automatically identifies the branch.

The client excluded the use of biometrics, Web entry and the mobile application from the start because it wanted to make sure that the employee did not enter an invalid location.

The hours are now exported in Employer D of Desjardins. A group per client number, division and service is to be created before exporting the hours worked.

Groupe Environex

Groupe Environnex is one of Quebec’s largest analysis laboratories, with more than 250 specialists and technicians.

The challenge

Stop manually processing the work hours of approximately 250 to 300 employees, working in 3 locations, in order to accelerate payroll processing. It is also important for the business to allow employees to view their schedules online.

Resolva’s solution

Use of the UF 100 facial biometric time recorder, installed in each branch office, allows for hours worked to be sent in real time. These hours can be adjusted through the configuration of automated correction rules, and then approved by a supervisor. This information is then exported to the payroll system with no manual transcription.



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