Mobile employees

Supervising a team requires lots of management. Even more so when some of the employees work on the road or outside of the office.

They need a quick and efficient tool that will allow them to input their hours and inform you, in real time, of the hours worked and their specific locations.

By calling on Resolva, we can specifically evaluate your needs for these mobile employees to facilitate your time and attendance management.

We invite you to read on the challenges encountered by two clients that faced specific challenges linked to mobile employees and how we were able to offer them a personalized tool that simplified the daily tasks of all of their team members.


Harkins has approximately thirty employees and builds log cabins and homes.

The challenge

The client wants to enter time per project, both on the construction site, which has no Internet network, and in the production plant.

Resolva’s solution

For the plant, we suggested using an LBC-V6 time recorder with laser reader to facilitate the reading of projects with barcodes. Use of the mobile application, for employees on the construction site and those with no Internet access, helps to keep the information and transmit it as soon as a network is available and the employee logs on to his application. The data is then exported in the Avantage software to finalize payroll.


Groupe Domisa

Groupe Domisa manages sports facilities and leisure activities.

The challenge

Out of approximately 250 employees, many have functions at different hourly rates according to the task accomplished in the same day and in different locations. The schedule created must allow the employees to know the location to service and the task to complete. The schedules must then be sent by emails with any special instructions.

Resolva’s solution

Given that the employees must travel to different locations throughout the day, no time recorder was proposed. Use of the mobile application was preferred as it allows for time worked to be entered quickly.

The supervisor now approves the hours and manages the schedule of his group of employees. As for the employee, he can view the hours he has worked and his work schedule online in real time.



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