With the manufacturing sector having very specific constraints to consider given the many employees and locations, you obviously have specific time and attendance management needs.

This is why we make it our duty to evaluate your specific needs properly with you, in order to propose a solution that will have help save you time and money.

Discover the challenges faced by two manufacturing companies and how Resolva was able to help them become more efficient on a daily basis.

Groupe Nadeau

Groupe Nadeau operates in the fields of cranberry production and of retail transportation.

The challenge

Time must be entered in real time and from different locations for approximately 125 employees. Some of these locations have no Internet access. Furthermore, entry must be done with biometric readers, and the hours must be able to be banked and converted into money. All hours must also be grouped by location and exported into Acomba, in separate companies.

Resolva’s solution

The IFace 202 time recorder was proposed. For locations with no Internet access, a mobile link with a Sim card is now used. The hours collected are transferred into Acomba, in the relevant company. With the personalized profile, the employees can now view the summary of their work hours and the balance of their monetary bank at any time using the mobile application.

Soudure Brault

Soudure Brault operates in the manufacturing of aluminum equipment and has approximately 50 employees.

The challenge

The client’s challenge is to allocate the hours worked per project. To respond to emergencies requiring immediate action, the dispatcher must be able to create a project, print the relevant barcode and assign the project to a welder so that the latter can immediately get the job done.

Information on the total number of hours per client/project is thus necessary to have precise invoices. For each project, the company also needs to pool the hours per activity: design, preparation, welding and painting.

Resolva’s solution

After analyzing the needs of Soudure Brault, we proposed an LBC-V6 time recorder that allowed them to connect a laser reader to scan each project/client, the employee and the activity.

The employee can now use the laser reader to scan the project on a report posted with the barcode, which generates a report directly by the application. The time accumulated is thus sent to the application in real time and invoices can be made with the exact total number of hours.


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