Processing payroll weekly or bi-weekly can be a tedious task for an organization.

Whether it is the number of employees or the various exceptions to process individually, it takes lots of time to closely monitor hours worked and ensure that the proper amounts linked to them are paid.


Simplifying your business’ payroll

With Resolva, no more manual calculations are needed to process your team’s payroll. We have implemented the tools needed to help you as efficiently as possible.

The database is updated in real time and presented in the various formats required.

This data will be secured and the hours locked by the administrator, and then by your payroll staff, before it can be exported. No other change will be accepted thereafter.

You will then simply have to verify if the total number of hours indicated is valid before exporting the total number of hours worked and banked to your financial system, accounting software or external payroll processing tool.

A useful tool to save valuable time

Our tool will lighten the workload of your accounting staff by saving them valuable time during each payroll period.

Did you know that one of our clients, with 60 team members, saw its payroll processing time decrease from 3 days to half a day, simply by using Resolva?

Imagine… you could save up to 75% of the usual payroll processing time if your team used Resolva at its full potential!