Calling on Resolva to improve business time and attendance management also includes proposing an easy-to-use tool to your employees

Resolva is the ideal platform to incite your employees to enter their work hours via a secured platform and user-friendly interface.

Time recording made easy

Our tool will allow you to quickly integrate time recording in the daily routine of your team members. With just a few clicks, they can access the platform and information they need.

They just need to log on to the tool to enter their hours, vacation periods, sick days, holidays and others to calculate their time.

While the biometric devices make identification possible based on fingerprints, and palm and facial recognition, the mobile application makes it easy and simple to register online, on your cellphone.

Making your employees autonomous on a daily basis

Each employee will have limited access to the sections that concern him. Once the hours are entered, he can monitor his work hours and discover the work planned for him in real time.

When a change is made, a request is approved or a work schedule is changed, employees receive a personalized notification and message with all the necessary details from their supervisor.

Resolva is definitely the perfect tool to stay in contact with your employees, whether you operate in the manufacturing or retail sector, or work in an office or on the road.

You will no longer have to chase down your employees to share information with them. Resolva will support you and help your employees become more autonomous in terms of the tasks they have to accomplish and the hours they need to record during their shift.