Take advantage of the latest technology

Economical, efficient and hygienic, the biometric process allows your employees to record their time through palm, facial or fingerprint recognition.

Time entry made easy

No more incomplete worksheets! With Resolva, your employees can enter their hours on their computer or cellphone with just a few clicks!

Manage payroll and employee files even more efficiently

Use one convenient tool to manage your payroll and access the personnel files of your team members!

Gain quick and easy access to your team’s data

With the automation of your team’s worksheets, quickly access the information you need to make the right decisions!

Resolva, a convenient tool for your employees

Communicate more efficiently with your team members by giving them access to their employee file and many other functionalities!


Time and attendance software

Regardless of the platform used (computer or mobile), your team members can enter their work hours and view such information according to the authorizations you have set. Your team’s data access will help simplify your management tasks and save you precious time.

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Does your organization have specific needs? REST web services and a C# API enable tailored data exchanges. Our solution is fully customizable and was created to meet your field requirements. With a user-friendly interface and useful and convenient options, time and attendance management has never been so quick and easy!

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Data flow
in a

Step 1

The employee records his time

It is now easier than ever to enter one’s work hours! Each employee can enter his hours on his computer, his cellphone or a time recorder. Different entry methods can be used during the same day. You then have access, in real time, to all of your employees’ data.

Step 2

Information processing

The information is processed in a secure manner (HTTPS encryption) and can be used to create various reports. You can thus monitor the time worked and exceptions for each team member.

Step 3

Transfer to payroll or ERP

Once the data is validated, the hours and processing period can be locked and no other change can be made to the timesheets. The data is then exported to your accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for payroll processing.

Adapt our solutions to your business needs

Case studies

Clients manufacturiers


Operating in the manufacturing industry, you have specific needs to meet such as time allocation per project, exporting your data to enable invoicing, etc. Read case studies about some of our manufacturing clients and see how we managed to simplify their daily operations!

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Clients avec employés mobiles

Employees on the move

Want to know how we have helped other clients optimize their time and attendance management with employees on the move? Through the following case studies, discover the innovative solutions that we proposed to them such as our mobile application!

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Clients dans un bureau


For more than 15 years, we have been supporting many businesses having time management issues with office staff. The data sent and received in real time helps them make enlightened decisions regarding the schedules of their office teams!

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Clients commerce de détail

Retail business

Find out how our customizable tools have helped other retail businesses reduce errors linked to the entry and transfer of the hours worked by their teams. Our solutions also help you put an end to employee abuse of work hours and help your employees have quick access to their schedule online.

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Clients secteur récréatif et restauration

Recreational and food and beverage sectors

Our clients operating in the recreational and food and beverage sectors saw their time and attendance management improve significantly with a program designed specifically for them. Our tools help simplify the management of special bonuses and the calculation of your employees’ hours and tips!

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Some of
our clients

Small and large businesses have chosen to simplify the management of their team schedules by trusting Resolva. Using our fully customizable software has saved them time and money, which makes us proud! See what they think.

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